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           The Arca Hotel


The Arca Hotel   is managed by Yulan Group and the location in Wong Chuk Hang in the southern district of Hong Kong Island. Completed in October 2020, the design is a modern industrial style. The Arca hotel's 187 spacious rooms and family rooms, interior and exterior restaurants, multi-space Arca Assembly, fitness center, and a rooftop bar with an infinity pool are all part of our Audio Systems Consultants (Asia) limited design.

The Arca expects to create a modern feel. In addition to the AV System, our team will be responsible for the ELV system this time, including the Guard Tour System, Room Control System, Surveillance CCTV System, and Access Control System that can improve the operation of the hotel more smoothly.

Our major is AV engineering systems. In this project, besides the AV system, the ELV system was also our first project, so our team needs to arrange more time to study and contact construction about relevant project needs. Due to time limitations, our team faced difficulties with this project.

ELV system is a new attempt for our team, which requires more time than previous Audio system projects. Besides, The Arca collaborated with the local design brand Design Eight Five Two (DEFT), so the design was full of requirements. Therefore, the design decision takes a long time in the pre-planning stage, which makes the construction time in the post-planning stage more urgent. In the process of engineering, it was found that the original plan could not be completed as expected, which became the biggest difficulty of the project. 

Finally, our team decided to increase the number of staff to improve the progress of the project so that The Arca Hotel could be completed as scheduled before the summer vacation. The project was successfully completed and the customer was satisfied with the results.