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           K11 Artus


K11 ARTUS  is a designer serviced residence, located by Tsim Sha Tsui waterfront beside Avenue of Stars. Audio System Consultants (Asia) Limited is responsible for three different areas such as clubhouse, staff canteen and digital signage.

Our Clients have requirements for sound that the intent of a background music system in K11 ARTUS is designed to supply even coverage of sound. A background music system would consist of flush mount, surface mount and pendant mount speakers. Not only is a background music system for music or media playback, with the right quality and capability of speakers, the system can also be used as a paging / public address system (PA system). When designing a background music system, it’s essential to consider how the venue is to be used, as well as the mood that is trying to be created.

K11 ARTUS of 100 volt line speakers closer together to provide even distribution of sound. A well designed and installed background music system can make any environment more comfortable and complement the mood of the venue. For example, customers may linger longer, ordering more products when the mood is comfortable and relaxing.

In Staff Canteen on B2M floor has a rack with equipment for those speakers, also the sound sources will be through to the staff washroom. There have three input sources: Microphone receiver, CD player and mixer input.

Due to time constraints, our engineering team faced different challenges. When hiring decoration staff that we need to look for staff who have been trained on Site, because this can complete the project in a short time.

K11 ARTUS Plan house is an outdoor space. In this project, our engineering team needs to connect the lines, which will be affected by nature due to outdoor reasons. For example, the throat pipe will be blocked by soil sealing. In addition, our team needed to communicate with other departments on this project, and scheduling meeting with different departments became one of the project's challenges.

Finally, we successfully completed the project. Our team learned the difficulties to be solved in time management and communication. At the same time, the customer is also satisfied with the results of this project.