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Data Technology Hub  aims to accommodate uses ancillary or complementary to the data transfer operations and global telecommunications at the data centers and switching centers at TKOIE and Hong Kong. DT Hub is located in the Tseung Kwan O, an ideal venue to host exhibitions and symposiums for institutions and organizations to showcase their products and achievements. Audio Systems Consultants (Asia) limited with responsible includes the operation procedures of the Audio-Visual System and the Control System of 1/F DTHUB, HKSTP TKOIEA.

The Audio system mainly uses networked audio technology called “Dante”. Dante audio runs through network switch and route to desired destination by using the “Dante Controller”. Each audio device that runs Dante has a unique IP address for identification. As a user-friendly system, analogue audio tie-line for audio input and output are also available. All audio signals pass through the Digital Signal Processor for routing and processing while a mixing console is also provided for operator to have more advanced control when needed.

The Video system uses multi-cast streaming technology called “Video over IP”. Each end point (Source & Output) is connected to a Crestron DM-NVX series encoder/decoder. A video signal is encoded as a stream by an encoder and goes into the network switch where a decoder acquires that stream then converts into HDMI signal for projection.

The entire AV system is controlled by Crestron control processor and wired  touch panel located in each room. With the use of TCP/IP, RS-232, IR and Relay  control, basic audio adjustment and signal routing can be done on the touch panel.

The HKSTP project encountered great difficulty in the installation of Showcase LED Wall. Since the volume of LED Wall is 2.5 tons, but the wall is not structural wall during the installation and cannot bear the weight of LED Wall. Finally, our team decided to look for the structural wall and chose the structural wall as the support point, but in the process, the original external wall needs to be broken to complete, although there were installation difficulties, the project was successfully completed.