FAP Series (Strategy 2 Series)

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Acoustic consultants and design build contractors use FAPs in countless airports, hospitals, educational, retail and hospitality applications due to their accurate frequency response and ease of installation. When compared to higher cost competitors, the FAPs deliver with the best overall sound and the greatest value!
• Extended Low Frequency Response Optimally Tuned and Ported
• Easy Drop or Sheetrock Ceiling Installation via C-Ring/ V-Rail or Dog Leg
• Front Tap Selector Switch Allows for Easy System Tuning Adjustments
• Unique “Trap Door” Input Section for Rigid or Flex Through Conduit Runs
• Inputs Features a 4-Pole Phoenix connector for Easy Daisy Chaining 
• Cover Includes combination 1.2" / 3.4" (13mm / 19mm) Knock-Outs 
• Enhanced 70.7V / 100V Internal Transformer Minimizes Insertion Loss and Improves Low Frequency Response and Output 
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