Ocean Park is the most famous theme park in Hong Kong. Ocean Park's Ocean Theatre is a very popular attraction for patrons of the theme park as it is a show that features aquatic animals and is fun for the whole family.
The System: 
ASCL was responsible for the installation of the PA System at the Ocean Theatre. The PA System involved the use of:
D&B Ci4 - Loudspeaker - 6 units
D&B Ci7  - Loudspeaker - 2 units
D&B Ci-Sub - Woofer - 2 units
D&B Ci80 - Loudspeaker - 2 units
We custom fabricated a speaker grille with color matched silk cloth to put over the steel frame. The installation of the D&B Ci80 proved to be quite a challenge due to the high location of the speaker. The speaker was to be installed on the top of the Ocean Theatre canopy, which was 10 meters high. Special safety harnesses and equipment were needed to lift our workers in a safe and effective manner.
To complete the system, we also used the QSC HPR122i and AD-S52 speakers. The entire project was completed successfully and Ocean Park has invited us on multiple occasions to complete other projects for them.